Going My Way (1944)

It was somewhat of a mistake to watch this movie in musical month. It has an element of music but it is very minor. The film stars Bing Crosby so I was sure this would have quite a bit of singing. It did however win 7 Oscars and helps me get closer to seeing all of the best picture winners.

Released during World War II the theme of the movie is a young priest starting work at a dieing church. Father Fitzgibbon [Barry Fitzgerald] built the church and is now in financial distress as he is unable to keep up with the loan collectors and the church is starting to age. Father O'Malley [Bing Crosby] comes along and wins the favor of the youth, who were getting in trouble stealing chickens and by the end of the film have formed a boys choir.

The film started really good, I couldn't stop watching it and made it through the first 45 minutes easily. The plot was entertaining and I was curious to see what O'Malley would do to upgrade the conditions of the church. The movie just seemed to fall flat though, it detoured into him wanting to release his song "Going My Way," the title track rather than building the congregation. I just didn't like where it went and felt it lacked a message even though it started so well.

This could have easily been a "Worth Watching" if the last half would have gone somewhere, but I didn't get anything out of this one, and will sadly forget it eventually. A disappointing 7 Oscar winner.

Vote: 6/10

IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0036872/

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