Gun Crazy (1950)

I picked this one up at the local library a few weeks ago because it was on Leonard Maltin's top 100 of the century. It also happens to be on the National Film Registry. I would consider this a B movie, and a classic film noir with over-the-top noir style dialog.

The film starts with a young boy who loves guns. He is an excellent sharp shooter, and when he is breaks a store front window to steal a gun, he is caught and brought before a judge. His friends and family explain that he has never had any intentions to harm people or even animals, he just loves to shoot guns. There is even a disturbing scene where he takes a gun to school, and... well... the teacher just takes it away. My how things have changed in 50-60 years.

The judge send him away from family and friends to a juvenile delinquent school and the movie jumps forward to him returning home from the army. He of course spent all this time as a sharpshooter and goes to the fair with his friends where Anne is doing gun tricks. When he accepts a shooting challenge the two of them hit it off, and before you know it this femme fatale has them on the run.

A cheesy and carefree crime movie. Short and easy to watch. I'm not sure why I liked it so much, but I did. If you like this genre, check it out for something different.

Vote: 8/10

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