Guys and Dolls (1955)

I just got through saying that The King and I was my favorite musical so far in musical month. This one though was the best for me all month. Not necessarily a family oriented musical like The King and I but I loved the casting here.

I'm not going to lie though, seeing Marlon Brando in a musical was a little amusing, but I'm a big Frank Sinatra fan, so seeing him in a film where is sings was fantastic. The plot is actually pretty fun and even slightly unpredictable until the last 30 minutes or so. The best part of musical month is finding where some of the great songs came from. This one has two I really liked "Luck Be A Lady" and "Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat" and the theatrical performances behind these were enjoyable to watch.

Quite simply the plot is all about gamblers. Nathan Detroit [Sinatra's character] runs the local craps game and Sky Masterson [Brando's character] is the high roller in town. When Nathan needs money he makes a bet with Sky that he can't take just any girl to Cuba for the weekend. Nathan picks a mission worker strongly opposed to gambling and sinful activities, and the plot is about Sky convincing her to go.

Fun story, good cast, good music, one of my favorites now.

Vote: 8/10

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