Gigi (1958)

Considered by some to be one of the weakest Oscar years, Gigi managed to win an incredible 9 Oscars in 1959. As well as 3 Golden Globes and a Grammy.

Starring Leslie Caron [An American in Paris and Chocolat] and Louis Jourdan. This is one of those "foreign" film in English. It takes place in Paris, and everyone speaks English with a fake French accent. I find films like this annoying in an era of film-making where they assume the world speaks only English. I diverge...

Jourdan plays a rich playboy who spends countless nights with different women on his arm, when he wants to get away from that lifestyle he goes to play cards with the young Gigi [Caron]. It starts as a platonic relationship, but after a weekend trip to the beach things start to change. A cute story, and not a bad film. I didn't find any of the song particularly special and it definitely didn't live up to winning nine Oscars.

Just ok for me, not a bad musical, but I could pass.

Vote: 6/10

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