The Anderson Tapes (1971)

A lesser known Sean Connery film made the same year he returned to the Bond series with Diamonds Are Forever. Part of the Action 101 book and with pros and cons that I will get to.

Connery plays Duke Anderson, a thief, who is finishing a 10 year prison sentence and wastes no time planning his next robbery upon release. He starts living with his girlfriend from 10 years prior played by Dyan Cannon and starts to plan robbing every apartment in her building. The problem is, no matter how sophisticated the plan may be, the FBI have been taping his every move since being released. Hence the name, The Anderson Tapes.

The heist theme is one that I enjoy. It is fun to see what elaborate scheme they are going to come up with, and I felt how they went about everything was pretty unique in this film. For the first half I was expecting this to be a "Worth Watching" caliber film. The execution of the robbery and wrapping up of the film were boring though. It was forgettable and anti-climatic for me.

There are better Sean Connery Films, there is however a young Christopher Walken that is pretty fun to see in a minor role.

Vote: 6/10

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