Cannonball! (1976)

I've found that when the library, netflix, and friends do not have old movies there is probably a reason. This film, which is kind of the middle film between Death Race 2000 and The Cannonball Run was incredibly difficult to find. Using the same director and star as Death Race 2000 it was a film that Paul Bartel was afraid would pigeonhole him as an action film director. It stars David Carradine who I find to be a really bad actor.

I was able to find it in segments on youtube that I was able to merge and watch on a portable device, whatever works right? Like I said though, there is a reason you can't find it... because no one wants it. It was really bad and was overshadowed by the Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, and Farrah Fawcett film a few years later.

The action really boiled down to a ridiculous car crash near the end, which feature a number of lemming-like drivers adding to a pileup on an interstate. Take this scene away and it gets left out of the 101 Action movie book.

Vote: 4/10

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