The Driver (1978)

Ryan O'Neal and Bruce Dern star in one of the most simplistic film I have seen. It is said that O'Neal says less than 350 words during the entire film, and the characters have no names, just "The Driver" and "The Detective."

This action film is all about the getaway driver. Starting with a scene I felt like I had seen before, the driver screeches around a parking garage escaping police cars after his accomplices robbed a casino. The scene was familiar because a video game in the mid-90's by the same name is focused around that scene. I remember playing the game, and therefore recognized the film. It was also interesting that there really wasn't a soundtrack. Your soundtrack is the squeal of tires, revving of engines, and police sirens. A much better soundtrack than most 70's movies, actually, and made the film a lot more bearable. A decent inclusion on the action list, but nothing really special.

Vote: 6/10

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