Rollerball (1975)

James Caan stars as Jonathan, the superstar of Rollerball, the only futuristic sport the corporation allows. This film is barely an action film at all. More drama and science fiction than anything, the plot really centers around a futuristic world were corporations have taken over countries and Rollerball is not as much a game, as it is a way for the corporations to show how trivial human lives are.

The conflict in the story is no action/sport based at all, there isn't much of a championship to worry about and we don't care about the score of the game. The conflict really lies in the existence of individual that the corporation can no longer control. This is why the movie kinda really sucked. You expect one thing and get another, or maybe I just did.

I wanted an action film with exciting scenes, a championship to win, important characters making sacrifice... instead I got a leading character being a rebel but confused about what he wants, an important character in a coma that once again the lead character can't make a decision about. The plot was weak because I felt the indecisiveness of the leading character was a reflection of a poor script or bad directing. Please also avoid the remake...

Vote: 2/10

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