The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Director George Nolfi and Matt Damon are paired up once again on a action film that bleeds over into fantasy. One of the more popular movies of the first half of the year with just lukewarm reviews. A nice break for me from the action 101 book.

The film starts with Matt Damon running for congress. After another embarrassing scandal right before an election he loses. While preparing his speech he runs into Elise in the men's restroom, played by Emily Blunt. When a man fails to divert him from meeting her a second time the existence of the bureau is revealed. Without giving away too much about the film, this supernatural society warn him that they cannot be together. The film is about them defying these rules. That is all I'm going to say.

The film lacks continuity on several occasions, nothing really grossly wrong, but enough to make people that focus on details and disagree with the general theme of the bureau dislike the film. It was ok for me, and where it had depth in the beginning, once you figure it out it is an action romance and pretty cookie cutter and straight forward. Good, but not great and I doubt I'll be suggesting this one to others.

Vote: 7/10

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