Robin Hood (2010)

Wow! This was not what I expected at all. Ridley Scott's take on the classic story is much different than you would expect and you need to go into this movie understanding that.

I was very confused the first 20 minutes as I tried to connect what was going on with the story line I am so used to. Don't do this, take it as a completely different story and you will really like it. Marketing this film as "Robin Hood" did not help. A film with a $200 million budget that has yet to reach $106 million with rentals and purchases is burdened by a generic title. I do like Russell Crowe, even though I joke about him "fightin' round the world," but I really don't like Cate Blanchett (I didn't like Elizabeth: The Golden Age, I'm Not There., or Babel to name a few.).

The open ending was frustrating (not meant to be a spoiler), not to talk about details but I don't see how they have enough storyline to make a second. This one takes so many new and different turns that I could see it happening, but I doubt it would be funded since this one stands to lose money. If you haven't see this one I suggest you check it out. Subtitles might be necessary or helpful for some because they talk low and are hard to understand at times.

Vote: 8/10

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