The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)

Growing up I read the first three books in this seven book series. This was the last one I read and chronicles the voyages of Prince Caspian. It is the least interesting book from what I remember, but it is the best film so far in the series. With less than 1/2 the votes on imdb so far than the 2nd my guess is this film didn't get enough publicity or people have given up on this series.

The director of the first two Andrew Adamson was replaced by Michael Apted, which might have been what this series needed. Peter [William Moseley] and Susan [Anna Popplewell] are now minor characters and Edmund [Skandar Keynes] and Lucy [Georgie Henley] become the main characters. Either they are better actors or the director just did better with their lines because this film was a huge improvement.

I now really look forward to the fourth film in the series, the first that I haven't read and with a better director now have me interested again.

So the film starts with Lucy and Edmund staying with their Uncle while World War II breaks out in England, they are pulled into Narnia and aboard the Dawn Treader where Caspian is searching for some lost swords. The film has a lot more religious implications than the previous ones, but it is vague enough for kids to not connect. I really enjoyed this film, maybe because it was just much better than I was expecting.

Vote: 8/10

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