The Mechanic (2011)

The next in the ever growing line of Jason Statham action films. Typically one that I would skip, but I saw the second name... Ben Foster. Foster takes on unpredictable roles; films like Alpha Dog, 3:10 to Yuma, and The Messenger were all stronger films thanks to him.

The plot is the typical elite hit man trains the new hit man plot. Rather than just take us through a hit man's routines, maybe because it is difficult to side with a killer, we like to watch them "teach" because that shows a compassionate side. Typical in many senses of the theme, the action is good and much more realistic than a number of the action movies I've seen lately.

The thing I will remember most about this one is the directing style of Simon West, I'm not familiar with his recent works, or sure if this is a trend in his film making, but I found this interesting: Most action films are full of cursing, FULL. Everyone has to use the F-Bomb continuously. This film has some decent dialogue and not an unusual amount of cursing. On the other hand there are multiple sex scenes and gory violence. Most action films show a bullet entering cleanly, this one is full of splatters and blood. Much more realistic, but deserving of a high rating.

I gave it a high just average, not a "worth watching" because it was a weak plot and predictable. Better than a 5 or 6 because of Foster and the comments on being realistic instead of full of cursing. You might like this one...

Vote: 7/10

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