This is England (2006)

A film from the imdb modern top 250. This film is about a young boy Shaun [Thomas Turgoose] who joins a group of skinheads lead by Combo [Stephen Graham]. Shaun hasn't had a father figure in his home and is picked on because his mother can't afford decent cloths for him. Combo takes him under his wing and exposes him to some pretty grim realities of skinhead life.

Based on real life experiences of Shane Meadows, the director; and, starring someone I haven't seen in a film since 2000's Snatch., Graham. The film was pretty good but not great. Nowhere near as intense as American History X, but better than Romper Stomper. If you are looking for something intense in this genre of him, this one if for you.

I actually though this was going to be about British Soccer gangs, like Green Street Hooligans, but was disappointed to see it was about skinheads instead. You just have a feeling throughout that something bad is going to happen...

Vote: 7/10

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