Winter's Bone (2010)

When I was in junior high a kid from California moved to my school in Oklahoma. He was surprised to find that we didn't life on ranches with cowboys and indians running around. This is the film I expect kids in LA and New York think all people in the Ozarks [Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, etc.] live.

A sad and depressing film about a teenage girl in a very difficult situation. Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic in a film on the level of last year's Precious. The film centers around her, and all of the supporting roles pale in comparison to her. The plot is that her deadbeat dad has jumped bail and left her family's house as part of the collateral. In the backwoods of Missouri the majority of her neighbors are relatives of some sort. In an area where cooking meth is prevalent there is suspicion that family or friend may know what happened to him.

The plot is slow as she searches for answers. The film is generally depressing, and although there are powerful and gripping scenes the film is a bit over rated to me. There were elements I enjoyed seeing, but overall I could have passed on this one.

Vote: 6/10

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