True Grit (1969)

I really felt it was necessary to watch the original before watching this year's remake of this classic western. I'll leave the comparison of the two for the remake post.

The film starts with Mattie Ross [Kim Darby] saying goodbye to her father as he goes to town to make some trades. When he is murdered she hires Rooster Cogburn [John Wayne] to hunt down her man. The film features performances by Glen Campbell, Robert Duvall, and Dennis Hopper. Lest we forget, this film won an Oscar for Wayne's performance and was nominated for Best Song as well. The remake may have more nominations, but is not going to duplicate the leading actor award.

The fate of this film lay in the hands of the actress playing Mattie Ross. Darby is spectacular in her role as a 13 year old girl in the west holding her own with grown men. One of the best westerns I've seen.

Vote: 8/10

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