Chaplin (1992)

I stumbled across this film last year and thought I'd hold onto it and give it a chance eventually. Guess that time finally came around.... An early 90's biography film about Charles Chaplin starring Robert Downey Jr. and nominated for three Oscars.

I'm very glad that it took me so long to find out about it because I now have seen a large large amount of Chaplin's films and a better familiarity with Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, so I got a lot more out of this film that I would have otherwise. This is actually quite an all-star cast for the 90's with Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Kline, Milla Jovovich, and Diane Lane.

The follows his autobiography and starts in his childhood, the cool part is that Geraldine Chaplin, Charlie's real life daughter, playing the part of her own grandmother Hannah. A performance good enough to get her a golden globe nomination. It was nice to see Robert Downey Jr. do well in a role before all of his legal problems, but the film was far from perfect. It labored on at the end reflecting back on his life, it really could have used some better editing to cut this down to about two hours. It would have been nice if they focused a little more on his acting career than his revolving door of wives. I didn't watch this to see all of that, although interesting, I cared more about his films. Good if you are familiar with Chaplin, Faribanks, and Pickford. Not great if you aren't.

Vote: 7/10

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