The Edge: Kray (2010)

I really want to stay on top of the foreign films this year. So now that the Globes are over and this one was not even short listed for an Oscar I thought I'd knock it out pretty early.

The film is a Russian action/drama/romance taking place in a Siberian outpost just after World War II. An outpost that German sympathizers and others that have wronged the government have been sent to. So far from civilization that escape is nearly impossible. Vladimir Mashkov plays Ignat, the badass of the movie. The film lacked so much direction that I'm not sure if he was supposed to be an action hero or a romantic. He is sent to this outpost because he crashed a train he was conducting, so guess what he does almost instantly? That's right crashes another train. Demoted and now angry he goes into the woods and rebuilds a broke down train to prove himself.

The film really made little to no sense and relating to any character was almost impossible. Some good cinematography is about all this film has to offer. Happy it was ignored by the Oscar committee.

Vote: 4/10

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