Choke (2008)

The movie poster convinced me to watch this: "From the Author of Fight Club," hey I loved Fight Club so I should love this... The film is directed by Clark Gregg [you would recognize him, from a number of minor roles], this is his first film to direct. Winner of a special prize at Sundance (not sure how notable a "special prize" is...) this film was really kind of a flop.

Starring Sam Rockwell as a sex addict, with a screwed up childhood thanks to his mental patient mother played by Anjelica Huston (Morticia from the Addams Family remakes. Rockwell is definitely a working actor, taking on a number of roles in minor films, and making some shine [see Moon].

The problem is that this film's tone of comedy and serious manner make it very difficult to take enjoy. I'm not sure if I should take his efforts to become a better person seriously or not. The film seems to lack direction, and takes several ironic twists that kind of fall flat. They could have been played differently and been either hysterical or sad, but it didn't seem like either was pushed more than the other. Glad to have this off my watch list since it has been there for two years now, but I would NOT recommend this. Maybe it is worth a read?

Vote: 5/10

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