Somewhere (2010)

The latest Sofia Coppola film, daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, best known for her film Lost in Translation. This one was on Roeper's Top 10 of the Year (#10) and had a small contingent pushing for an Oscar nomination for this film. It was also the winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

The film is a very slow drama about a movie star and his relationship with his daughter. Stephen Dorff plays Johnny Marco, a big international action film star. Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning's younger sister, plays his daughter. Dorff's character is either divorced or just separated from his daughter's mother, I honestly can't remember how far that relationship went. The film is short, but has long laborious scenes of him driving around town in his sports car or sitting in a studio getting a plaster mold of his head for his next action film. The film was really about nothing, you didn't like the main character, and his life really seemed like crap. The point of the film, yes, but not worth my time. Chris Pontius from Jackass is his friend, and I do find his interaction with Fanning entertaining it was not enough to support this film. Dorff really wasn't bad either, and Fanning was pretty good also.

So the acting gets an A. The story, plot, pace all get a D- so why watch this film? Some throw around the word pretentious with a film like this. I thought Coppola had good intentions, but just came up short here. If you didn't like Lost in Translation, I doubt you will like this...

Vote: 5/10

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