Blood Simple. (1984)

Barely making the AFI 100 Thrills list at #98 this completed the AFI 100 Thrills for me! The first Joel & Ethan Coen movie definitely showed their likely tight budget. Cheap sets, average actors, and sub-par audio/music make this a film with a lot to be desired.

Frances McDormand's first film, and it shows. She is young immature, and nothing close to her Fargo or  Burn After Reading performances. Dan Hedaya and John Getz gave some B-Movie performances, there were many times I want to slap Getz for his characters idiocy at the crime scene. For a thriller it is very slow, and if it wasn't for a strong conclusion this would be rated even worse.

Probably one of my very least favorites on the 100 Thrills list, which was a bad way to end it. A huge disappointment for the Coen Brothers who have made a number of films I really really like. I guess you have to start somewhere.

Vote: 5/10

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