Blow-Up (1966)

This one managed to make it into the top 15 of the top 100 films to see before you die by yahoo. Top 15 of all time... seems a little high for a movie most people have never heard of. A pretentious movie about a photographer who treats models like crap. In his free time he likes to take pictures around town, in the park, etc. Unaware that he is photographing a crime he is asked to give up his film by the lady he photographs.

The woman happens to be Vanessa Redgrave at the peak of her popularity. The film is very racy for the 1960's and with a Redgrave topless scene I can see where the popularity comes from. Michelangelo Antonioni was nominated for an Oscar for his directing of this, and the Brits nominated it for 3 BAFTA's including script, art direction, and best overall film.

I hated it. The main character was a jerk. The story never progresses anywhere with the foreshadowing it provides. It was a waste of time. With less than half of an hour left all I could think was, where is this going? What is the point? You can die without seeing this one.

Vote: 3/10

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