In the Bedroom (2001)

If there was an award for the worst movie title, this one would be in the running. It is almost impossible to assume that the title isn't sexual. I put this one off for a while now, expecting it to be a romance. Not to mention something inappropriate for watching in the gym [with company]. Just a few minutes into the movie you learn the real meaning of the title and it all makes sense.The bedroom is a fishing term for a lobster cage, when two male lobsters are in a cage without their claws bound they will fight until one loses his arms.

Now you know the metaphor for the subject matter of the film. We start with Frank [Nick Stahl] and Natalie [Marisa Tomei] having a romp in a field. This also perpetuates the film title... Then we start to learn that Natalie is seperated, yet still married to another man. The film switches focus after a little while and we are centered on Frank's dad [Tom Wilkinson] and mom [Sissy Spacek] for the remainder of the film.

Tom, Sissy, and Marisa were all received individual Oscar nominations and the film was also in the best picture and screenplay race that year. I doubt it had much of a chance against A Beautiful Mind and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring though.

The movie was just ok. Not memorable, and not that interesting really. I could take it or leave it, and with a title like this it will be lucky to hook people to start with.

Vote: 6/10

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