The World of Apu: Apur Sansar (1959)

Part three of a trilogy I was expecting to be an epic rags to riches tale. It is not and that in itself was a bit of a let down. We catch up with Apu as he is signing the papers to leave school, early, without graduating. There is no explanation as to why he leaves school, but he decides to move into a small apartment in the city and pay rent by selling his books.

Close to being kicked out of his apartment for not paying rent, and with dreams of becoming a great writer, he encounters in friend from school. He is there to invite Apu to a family wedding in the country. The day of the wedding the groom arrives [an arranged marriage], and he happens to be literally crazy. Fearing that their daughter will be cursed they ask Apu, who is reluctant at first, but eventually accepts. the remainder if the film is Apu's adulthood and the relationships between him, his wife, and an eventual child.

The film has a positive ending, strange for a trilogy filled with sorrow. Maybe a message that, this is life, and we can find good things in countless bad situations. It was difficult to see the series end this way. I felt the films got increasingly predictable, and less interesting as it went on. I would suggest just watching the first one, and calling that done.

Vote: 6/10

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