Pandorum (2009)

Starring Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid this sci-fi film is one that I delayed out of horror month. Not really a horror, but with scary creatures and some shock factor scenes in the dark, it could be categorized that way. Thing for me is that there just haven't been a lot of good sci-fi film lately. Since this one was slightly above average, and had a decent script, it is worth a watch if you want to see a sci-fi film.

The film starts with Foster waking up from some sort of hyper-sleep. He wakes Quaid and the two of them realize they are on a ship and have overslept. What happened to the crew that was supposed to wake them up? Foster starts exploring the ship and encounters some strange creatures and a few humans. He learns that some of them have been awake from some time and that no one is really sure of the location of the ship.

Action packed, and filled with a few twists, it has a few cheesy moments, but I'm sure they are difficult to avoid with a plot like this. Not bad.

Vote: 7/10

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