The Fighter (2010)

The sports movie of the Oscar ballot, this film is another boxing movie. A sport that seems to become less popular year after year, yet continues to entice Hollywood again and again. Will UFC fighters be our heros of Hollywood films in 20 years? This film has a pretty nice cast with Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo.I'm a big fan of Leo after watching Frozen River last year, and her performance was so much different in this one, yet just as incredible.

The film is full of arguments. I wasn't sure if this was Jersey at first because of the Northeastern accents and dialog that reminded me of "Jersey Shore". so it is hard for me to like good acting in an environment that I'd rather not encounter. That being said Bale, Adams, and Leo were fantastic in their performances and all deserve the nominations they have been getting. I'm not shocked that Wahlberg didn't get any nominations because for a leading role the script didn't ask much of him.

If there were only five Best Picture nominees this one would not have been nominated. Good acting, but not the best overall movie. Might be your cup of tea, and better than most movies I encounter outside of awards season.

Vote: 7/10

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