The King's Speech (2010)

It is interesting how you can get behind a film so much that you can be against a film you haven't even seen yet. I wanted to see The Social Network win so bad, that I almost wanted this film to be bad. Now that I've actually seen it, I've changed my mind.

This film was actually really good. Colin Firth was excellent as the stuttering Duke of York, and Geoffrey Rush did an excellent job also playing Lionel his teacher. The film is about a stuttering Duke who gains confidence as he loses his stutter thanks to the help of an unorthodox teacher. Set in the early 1900's with the onset of the 2nd World War approaching this is the perfect era of film for the Oscar voters. The acting is more heartwarming, but the subject matter is less appealing.

Helena Bonham Carter annoys me to some degree, her minor role was minor enough to be likable. The rest of the supporting cast was good, but nothing really stands out. My only qualm with the film is that Firth seems a little old for the character, he even looked much older than his older brother in the movie. That really didn't work for me, but was so minor, and some people just look older than they are. Check it out, it is sure to win some awards.

Vote: 9/10

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