Casino Jack (2010)

Not to be confused with Casino Jack and the United States of Money the documentary about Jack Abramoff and the corruption of D.C. Lobbiest. This film is actually a dramatic retelling of the events that took place.

Starring Kevin Spacey, Kelly Preston, and the unwatchable Jon Lovitz, this movie didn't just fall flat it was hard to watch. One thing you need to understand is that Abramoff was indited because he was dumb enough to put all the illegal things he did in e-mails. This left a paper trail that gave him no defense, and he took the fall for many bad people. The thing I hated about this movie, was instead of showing him text his friends or send an e-mail, they converted these e-mails to script lines. They came off as really really bad acting. Apparently Abramoff liked to do impersonations, so Spacey played Abramoff doing a bad impersonation, and it came off as Spacey just acting really bad.

I knew the plot, I knew the events, I knew a lot about this film going into it. Maybe that is why I didn't like it. I've heard that you have to understand what Abramoff was like to get it... well not for me. There is a reason you didn't hear about this one.

Vote: 5/10

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