In the Line of Fire (1993)

I can't say that I even knew what an Oscar was in 1993, but after watching this film I completely agree with the nominations it received. John Malkovich was nominated for best performance in a supporting role... perfect because he made this film worth watching. Film editing, because it was a well cut movie that keeps you in suspense and isn't drawn out. Best Screenplay is kind of a stretch though, it must have been a weak year.

One of the more current action films that I had yet to see on the Action 101, this action film jokes about Eastwood being out. Pretty amazing, since this was almost 20 years ago, and films like Gran Torino are still playing on the Eastwood being funny because he is old.

The premise of the movie is that this old Secret Service agent was there the day Kennedy was assassinated and it still haunts him all these years later. the only one still around protecting the president he has a hunch that the latest threats on the President are very serious. Not a bad action film with some pretty good scenes. Rene Russo is ok, but like I said earlier John Malkovich as the villain make this one worth checking out.

Vote: 7/10

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