Despicable Me (2010)

With Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon, this film rounds out a very strong group of Golden Globe nominations in the animated division. Although I gave How to Train... a 9/10 I'm not sure which one I liked better now.

The story is about a villain [Gru played by Steve Carell] who has been outdone by another villain [Vector played by Jason Segel]. Afraid that he is getting too old and still not close to achieving his ultimate villain dream he comes up with a plan to steal the moon. The plan involves using three orphan girls to steal from Vector. Comic relief is provided by the numerous yellow minions that populated 3-D movie commercials throughout the year. As well as his assistant, Dr. Nefario [played by Russell Brand] and his unloving mother played by Julie Andrews.

Overall the movie was fun, an appropriate length, and incredibly entertaining while still being tame enough for little kids. I could see taking a pretty young kid to this one because the minions are fun, and the violence is either playful or silly. Wish I could have seen the closing credits in 3D, but 2D is just fine.

Vote: 8/10, KSF: 2/5

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