Manon of the Spring: Manon des sources (1986)

Part two of the Jean de Florette biopic. I have to tell you now that if you don't want the ending of the first film spoiled you better not read this review yet. It is hard to talk about a sequel without divulging the outcome of the first film. This film actually isn't on any of my lists, I just really felt I needed to see this to complete the film.

The first film ends really sadly. Jean dies from a rock hitting him in the head when using dynamite to try and blast a well for his family. His daughter Manon then witnesses the Soubeyran's (neighbors) unplugging the spring before her and her mother have even moved out. Manon now lives on the land with a herd of goats, Ugolin becomes infatuated with her and you can tell that she will somehow get her revenge.

The film is quite boring and slow to be honest. The not-Hollywood ending of Jean dieing was different, and I liked it. In this one though they have to make everything right. It isn't until the end of the film when some things are revealed that I really got into the film. It was a nice climax and in retrospect made the film overall pretty good. Obviously you have to see Jean de Florette to understand and enjoy this movie.

Vote: 7/10

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