Red (2010)

Just announced as a Golden Globe nominee in a dieing category of Best Comedy/Musical (who still watches Musicals?... enough for being recognized as a category...). RED stands for Retired-Extremely-Dangerous.

Bruce Willis plays a retired CIA agent that has a peculiar budding relationship with a telephone representative for a company that handles some sort of pension check he receives. When his life is threatened he kidnaps her for fear she is also now a target. Mary-Louise Parker who is more of a television star with shows like Weeds and The West Wing does an excellent job balancing comedy in this action film. Comments about this still not being her worst first date, and her handling of interaction with John Malkovich and Helen Mirren was really good. Malkovich plays Willis' friend that is also retired CIA, but incredibly paranoid. Mirren plays another agent friend that lends support. With Morgan Freeman also in the cast it isn't that big of a surprise that this film is getting some recognition.

It does deserve credit, and was a pretty good action film. Like Romantic Comedies, good action film are hard to weed through to find one worth your time. This is one of them. There's not much cursing or blood and guts so it is acceptable for a PG-13 audience. Check it out!

Vote: 8/10

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