Paris, Texas (1984)

A strange, slow, interesting, but simple film about a man trying to piece together his past life. Nominated for a Golden Globe for best foreign film, keep in mind that unlike the Oscar Foreign LANGUAGE category, the Globes is a Foreign production category. Meaning that this film which was made in France/Germany in 100% English speaking.

The film starts with Harry Dean Stanton walking around in the desert. His brother finds him and brings him home after collapses at a rest stop. We learn he used to have a wife and son and spend the rest of the almost two and a half hour film learning what terrible events got him to were he is now.

At first your can't tell if he is mentally slow, a mute, insane, or just depressed. All of this is revealed throughout the film but giving much more away would ruin the movie. If you know the plot then I imagine it would be painfully slow because the speed of the film is to give you time to guess what happened. I actually did like the film a lot. I'm not sure it needed to be so long and I'm not a huge fan of how it was summed up. Quite Anti-climatic for such a long film and I can't see watching it twice.

Vote: 7/10

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