Inception (2010)

Director Christopher Nolan is probably just as famous for Memento as he is for his Batman films. In between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises we get a treat with a film that returns to the style of Memento. A film that can be watched several times before fully grasping everything that is going on.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio [fresh off of an different psychological film: Shutter Island], Ellen Page [Juno], Marion Cotillard [La Vie en Rose and Nine], and Joseph Gordon-Levitt [(500) Days of Summer and The Lookout]. The concept of the film is all about existing in a dream space. Basically the idea that people can enter and share dreams, then inside dreams they can enter dreams. The dream within a dream theory is pretty powerful, and is fully explained over the course of this film. At almost two and a half hours it is a commitment, and I highly suggest that is be watched in a single sitting.

So did I like this or The Social Network better? That gets into a gray area, because they both get the illusive 10/10 for completely different reasons. This is the type of film I could watch again and again. Social Net. is a film that I found myself lost in on first watch, which doesn't necessarily translate into a great second viewing. Nor do I feel that I must pick, since I gave them both 10's. I fully expect The Social Network to win the Oscar, I don't think an action film like this has a chance. If you asked me which I would rather have in my personal collection and would like to go to the theater to watch with you right now... I'd say Inception.

Vote: 10/10

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