The Seven Year Itch (1955)

Down to just five comedies to finish the AFI 100 Laughs I've finally gotten around to watching these again. This one really stars Tom Ewell a business man in New York City that just said good-bye to his wife and son. The premise of the movie is that since the time of the Indians the dominant male in the family has sent his family north to cooler weather in the summer while they stayed home to work [or hunt].

The title comes from the time span a doctor in the film says that men get tired of being tied down in marriage and when the most men cheat. so with the family gone, men around him being immoral, and Marilyn Monroe moving in to the apartment upstairs; we witness the battle Mr. Sherman has with his conscious.

The film has its funny moments. Personally I found it kind of stupid to make it look like it was so hard to have a little self control. The dope couldn't make it a single night without his wife before getting drunk, smoking, and inviting a woman into his apartment. And he was supposed to be trying? Yeah, I get it, that is the joke of the movie and why it is funny. I was also surprised at the lack of acting Monroe was supposed to do. It really was a one man show. Her lines were few and far between and she still headlines the cast and credits, no surprise. How dim was she that they had to limit her so much?

Whatever, it was just ok, not bad for this list and has the famous skirt seen from the poster. Which was much shorter and less revealing in the actual movie than I have seen in highlights before.

Vote: 6/10

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