Another Year (2010)

It seems to be a toss up with the 5th screenplay nomination for the Oscars. They always seem to pick one film I never expected and one that doesn't get nominated for anything else. Lately this has either been a surprisingly good film or an average British film... strange trend. Last year in the adapted category there was the average British film, In The Loop, this year it was this one in the original category. They should have put Fish Tank in this category instead if they wanted a British film. Nevertheless, it is just a nomination, the winner is all I really hope for the Academy to get right. This film happened to also finish the ballot for me, only having the documentary short subject category that I haven't seen in three years. Tell me how, and I'd love to... different story.

So the film starts with some misdirection, focusing on a woman getting a physical at a doctors office, he only motive is sleeping pills and it is clear she is very depressed. She is sent to see a psychologist, one of our leading characters Gerri [Ruth Sheen]. Gerri tried to get her to open up, then after their session she goes out for drinks with her co-worker Mary [Lesley Manville]. Mary is a piece of work, aging single and full of false confidence about her looks. Gerri heads home to her husband Tom [Jim Broadbent, the first actor I recognized, you'd know him from the Harry Potter series as Professor Slughorn, also from Hot Fuzz and Iris]. So Tom and Gerri invite Mary over for dinner, she proceeds to get plastered, emotional, and pass out in their sons old room.

So enough about the specifics. The film goes through all four seasons, we see their relationship with Mary stumble and rebuild. Tom visits his brother, who then comes to visit. One of their friends from college makes a visit, etc, etc. It is pretty average in subject matter. A happy couple and their interesting friends. Or should I say ordinary? It was quite boring, and the build up of the first 20 minutes as we learn the backgrounds and work life of the cast is just about all the action we get. A very disappointing film.

Vote: 4/10

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