Hall Pass (2011)

The latest film from the Farrelly brothers [Kingpin, There's Something About Mary, Shallow Hal, Stuck on You, etc.] and along the same line of humor as the rest of their catalog. So let's start by saying, if you don't find those films funny, you won't like this. I for one, enjoy seeing them, and am glad to watch them, but once is enough.

The film stars Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis as horny married men who seem to think that if they weren't married then they would be god's gift to women. After a series of events they make their wives [Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate] so upset they they take their friends advice, and give the two a week off from marriage.

They of course start by realizing how hard being single can be, trying to pick up girls at Applebees and Chili's provide stupid comical  moments. You know that they are going to meet someone and have a difficult decision to make. Silly over the top comedy, with dirty jokes. Not for everyone, but I knew I'd watch it eventually, and it was ok.

Vote: 6/10

IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480687/

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