Cedar Rapids (2011)

I heard about this movie watching an interview with Ed Helms on the Daily Show. Helms got his start on the Daily Show, moved on to minor roles in film, then "The Office", then thanks to some success with The Hangover he was awarded his first starring role in this film.

He plays a timid... almost stupid character most of the time so I wasn't sure if he could really pull this off. Thanks to some good performances from his supporting cast the film had a few positives. Helms plays Tim Lippe a small town insurance agent off to a insurance convention in Cedar Rapids [read: the big city]. He plays a sheltered boy, the kind of sheltered that you would expect a 12 year old in Los Angeles imagines a mid-American small town boy would be.

I have to ding the movie for making this guy to be much dumber than he could possibly be about the "outside world," but it is also a comedy so I'll play along. He gets to the convention and is roommates with the person he was specifically told to avoid, Ziegler [John C. Reilly]. Now, I've come to really dislike Reilly because he always seems to play Will Ferrell's sidekick or brother in the worst comedy's of the year. For me though, his character worked... annoying but sincere at the same time. Says stupid things, but not to get laughs from an audience. I'm not quite sure what to make of Anne Heche's performance. She plays a tied down mother who lets loose one weekend a year at this convention, serious morality issues that are dodged here, but a someone good performance.

I just don't know, I don't think many people will like this one. I'm not even sure if it deserved a "just average." It wasn't bad, it wasn't great, it made me laugh a few times, and it wasn't as bad as I expected or as bad as it could have easily been. You'll have to decide for yourself.

Vote: 7/10

IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1477837/

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