Black Book: Zwartboek (2006)

Another example of a "Modern IMDB Top 250" film that was worth checking out. Missing all awards considerations and overlooked internationally this was actually a really good World War II film.

The entire film takes place in Nazi occupied Netherlands. The central character, the blonde on the poster, Carice van Houten, is found working at a school in Israel by a friend after World War II. A friend runs into her and asks her how she made it through the war, and we then go to flashback of all the events she went through. Almost a Forrest Gump of war survivors, she is involved in some any different events. Becoming a spy, running from the Nazi's, hiding in a house in the woods, befriending a Nazi officer, it has everything.

It was refreshing to watch a foreign film that was not from the usual countries, directors, or set of stars. Outside the box on the typical World War II theme, with a good cast and plot.

This one is worth checking out.

Vote: 8/10

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