Jules and Jim: Jules et Jim (1962)

This film actually finished a list for me, and it has been a while since I've finished a list. Just a film forum's top 100, but still. This film is also in the 1001 movies book, and one I was slightly interested in.

Directed by François Truffaut, who also did The 400 Blows, an imdb top 250 film that I enjoyed and is credited for starting the French "New Wave." The film stars Jeanne Moreau (Catherine), Oskar Werner (Jules) [best known for Fahrenheit 451], and Henri Serre  (Jim).

The story goes that Jules and Jim became great friends, Jules being from Germany and Jim from France. They hit off their friendship in Paris and it is easy to assume that this might be a homosexual relationship. Never made clear in the film, maybe because that would be too extreme for 1962, or maybe because they were just friends. It is hard to tell and I'll let you assume for yourself. Anyways, they do chase girls around and the film moves pretty rapidly until Jim meets Catherine. As a friend Jim tried to tell his friend that this is the kind of girl that will never be happy with just him, but he doesn't care and they get married.

I better stop there because I will give away the whole plot if I say more. The film is really about the interaction between the three of them. It is full of different emotions, and will really make you think. I would suggest this to film buffs, or those aspiring to be one, like myself.

Vote: 7/10

IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055032/

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