The Town (2010)

When there were five best picture nominees everyone talked about who was left off, the "6th man." Now with 10 nominees you have to look a little deeper to find the 11th man, and there is a group that believes that this film would or should have been on that list.

Directed by and starring Ben Affleck, it did manage a nomination for Jeremy Renner's [The Hurt Locker] performance. It was also chosen by the American Film Institute as a Top 10 American film of the year, maybe because The King's Speech is British and they couldn't pick it also. The film does have a really good overall cast, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, and Blake Lively all turned in good supporting roles and the film was just a fun watch.

The premise of the film is that the Charlestown neighborhood in Boston is known for generations of armed robbers. While robbing a bank they take a hostage Claire [Rebecca Hall] and Doug tails her to make sure she isn't talking to the FBI. He starts to interact with her and falls in love, but can he escape his lifestyle and friends?

Almost two and a half hours, but action packed so it never feels slow. It took me a while to get around to watching it knowing how much of a time commitment it was. When the director stars in his own film events work out a little to well for the character sometimes and I felt that some perfect sequences were a little much and kept me from giving this a 9/10. Very good, and worth adding to your watch list.

Vote: 8/10

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