Dogtooth: Kynodontas (2009)

Let me start by saying this has been one of the most difficult movies for me to rate in a long while. Repulsive, shocking, lewd, and downright outrageous can be hard to judge. So let me tell you a little about the film because the mystery of what it is about is the redeeming quality.

The film is about an over protective mother and father. They create a fantasy world for their children, sheltering them on their property with large fences and hedges on a back road away from the rest of the world. Teaching them vocabulary from homemade audio tapes. Only allowing them to watch home movies, and only listening to Frank Sinatra, who is supposedly their grandfather giving them messages about how much he loves them. The movie is beyond bizarre with incest, cruelty to animals, violence, and self inflicted violence.

If you want to watch a film like nothing you have ever seen, check this one out. This is definitely not for everyone, and I would caution just about anyone that the subject matter is out there. So why the 7/10? Because it is a movie I will never forget. Seriously. This film made a lasting impression, and has elements that are unforgettable. Watch at your own risk...

Vote: 7/10

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  1. I agree that this one is really difficult to even rate. I did love it though.

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