Buried (2010)

I remember hearing about this indie hit several times but missed the dvd release and it fell out of my radar. After being nominated for a Saturn award I quickly went out and found it. The film managed to win several smaller film festivals for editing, screenplay, etc [not for overall picture though].

The film is Phone Booth meets 127 Hours, like Phone Booth it only has one film location... inside a coffin. And like 127 Hours it is about someone stuck in tight quarters. It enjoy the film you really have to put yourself in this guys position. We find out that Paul [Ryan Reynolds] is in the coffin somewhere in Iraq after his convoy was attacked. He is a civilian truck driver, not in the military, and he has been left with a lighter and cell phone... which does get reception. The entire film is his conversations with the people that put him in the coffin and are demanding ransom, family, and other he is trying to get a hold of to get out.

There are some intense scenes, like when a snake comes in a hole in the side of the coffin, or when the terrorists demand he makes a video using the phone of him being trapped. All in all not the most eventful movie, obviously. Not sure this was necessarily the most challenging acting performance that Reynolds is getting so much praise for... but it was in fact good. If you like the other two films I mentioned you might give this one a shot.

Vote: 7/10

IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1462758/

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