Hereafter (2010)

I remember watching the Oscars and seeing the scene of the tsunami in this film. I thought I had seen a critical scene... well not really. I had the perception that this would be an action film, instead I found that the tsunami scene alone was nominated for visual effects and that is about all the movie was good for.

On paper this was a highly anticipated film. Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon, while targeted at an awards season release. A year ago it was on most people's radar as a best picture candidate. Then people actually started watching it, and no one spoke about nominations again. So what is so bad about it? I still gave it a 6/10 so don't think it was a BAD film. It just wasn't good.

The concept of the film is that a woman Cécile De France [an actress with a very pretty face that I look forward to watching in 2003's High Tension this coming horror month], sees the light after hitting her head in the tsunami wave. Meanwhile Damon plays a man with the ability to speak with people beyond the grave. As he looks for stability in his life we have a 2nd plot of her trying to cope with her experience. The film seems to be building up to something for a solid to hours but is a let down in the end. I don't know what I expected but it was just... eh... that's it.

I definitely wouldn't suggest this film, and a 6/10 is pretty generous because there weren't any major flaws that bugged me enough to give it less.

Vote: 6/10

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